Neonatal and Pediatric Diagnostics

Aeon is a partner to pediatric centers and hospitals to provide critical diagnostics services for the children in Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania through laboratory services and a telemedicine site opening 2023 in Cumberland, Maryland. Clinical tests performed at the Aeon laboratory are resulted within 24 hours. Phlebotomy Services for newborns and children are available by appointment.

  • Phlebotomists trained and experienced in neonatal and pediatric blood draws– Our staff of experienced and caring phlebotomists strive to put both pediatric patients and their families at ease throughout the testing process.

  • Clinical laboratory testing.

  • Our staff is comprised of board certified medical laboratory scientists that provide fast and accurate blood testing.

  • Our comprehensive test menu includes general chemistry, hematology, coagulation, urinalysis, hormone, and esoteric testing that is important for healthcare providers to assess development, identify in born error, and ensure timely diagnosis and health pediatric patients.