Are You Prepared? Do You Have A Tailored Plan That Meets Your Needs?COVID-19

Our team of experts in health, infectious diseases, and epidemic/pandemic response will assist with mitigating risks while you focus on your core business.

Aeon Technologies with the support of our affiliate Amethyst Technologies offers essential services in Allegany County and surrounding areas based on more than 10 years of work in policy development, diagnostics, contact tracing, and prevention for HIV/AIDS, malaria, Ebola, and tuberculosis in the US, Africa and Asia.


  • Assessments to identify low, medium, and high risks and develop COVID-19 policies using our COVID-19 Assessment Tool
  • Current Fact and Evidence based education and training for management, staff, and contractors
  • COVID-19 Policy Development related to prevention, risk management, travel, facilities, screening, readiness, and response to unwell staff
  • Implementation of Risk Reduction Measures: Screening, Testing, Facility Modification, Innovations, Standard Operating Procedures, Respiratory Hygiene, Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Contact Tracing and Index Testing Programs for COVID-19 with 95% confidence
  • Monitoring Risks, Incidences, and Impact of COVID-19 on business operations
  • Development of Contingency and Continuity Plans
  • Testing for COVID-19 at our Frostburg Laboratory (Onsite or Offsite with Results typically within 48 hours)